10 In. Standard Turbo General Purpose Diamond Saw Blade 10" x .110 x DM7/8-5/8, 10mm Rim

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Designed and built to last longer for industrial applications and made with quality diamonds to provide the highest level of performance. Turbo design with a higher rim offers constant contact with material to produce aggressive cut. Continuous rim is designed for accurate cutting with minimal chipping, ultra smooth, more precise cutting performance. Cooling holes in the steel body keep it cooler than regular blades. Direct sintered rim provides extreme durability. Ideal for Brick, Block, Concrete, Pavers and General Purpose. For use on Masonry Saw, High Speed Power Saw, Angle Grinder and Circular Saw. Sintered, 10mm Rim Height, Turbo Style, Continuous Rim, Polished, Cooling Holes, Dry or Wet Use.