10 In. Thin Razor Blade Tile and Porcelain Diamond Saw Blade 10" x .060 x 5/8, 7mm Rim

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Advanced build for heavy duty commercial applications with a higher density of quality diamonds to provide durable, long lasting, consistent cutting. Direct sintered rim provides extreme durability. Cooling holes in the steel body keep it cooler than standard blades. Features laser cut seams to relieve stress from intense use and dampen wobbling during wet use. Direct sintered rim provides extreme durability. Ideal for Ceramic Tile, Engineered Stone, Granite, Marble, Natural Stone, Porcelain Tile, Quartz Stone, Vitreous Tile. For use on Angle Grinder, Circular Saw and Tile Saw. Sintered, Rim Height 7mm, Thin Gullets, Wet Use Only.