12 In. Pro Multi Purpose Combo Diamond Saw Blade 12" x .125 x 1"-20mm, 10mm Rim

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Multi Purpose design for professional commercial applications with a dense diamond matrix to perform under faster cutting speeds. Engineered for precision and consistency for best results with extended blade life. Manufactured to meet the most rigorous industry requirements while maximizing the return with low cost per cut ratio. Laser welded blades are heat treated steel body can sustain heat build up from friction. The advanced laser weld technology allows for exceptional bonding and a deep diamond distribution resulting in longer blade life. Alternating regular and turbo segmented gullets clear the cutting path to accomplish a faster, cooler and cleaner cut. Features drop segment design for undercut reduction. Cooling holes in the steel body keep it cooler than regular blades. Unique diamond edge bonding specially designed for hard materials. Ideal for various applications including Asphalt, Green Concrete, Block, Concrete, Hard Concrete, Pavers, Brick, Clay Pavers, Hard Brick, Refractory Brick, Field Stone, Marble, Granite and Ductile Iron Pipe. For use on Masonry Saw, Tile Saw and Walk Behind Saw. Laser Welded, Alternating Regular and Turbo Segments, Segment Height 10mm, Slant U Slot Gullets, Drive Hole Pin, Cooling Holes, Polished, Dry or Wet Use.